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Edward G. Miner Library

Open Access Publishing at URMC: Rockefeller University Press

Rockefeller University Press

Authors can waive the APCs for OA articles, our agreement covers all accepted manuscripts with a UR-affiliated corresponding author.

Author Instructions

  • Upon submitting their article, the author will be asked to validate their institution.
  • The corresponding author’s affiliation is identified through the affiliation of the author
    at the time of the article’s submission. The name of their institution is matched to the
    ROR ID database.
  • If invited to submit a final revision, the author receives a request to sign our license
    once the revision is received. After following the link to the license splash screen they
    see the message:

Your article will be published immediately open access under a CC-BY license
and all publication fees are waived as the primary corresponding author is from
an institution that has elected to participate in an unlimited “read-and-publish”
transitional agreement with Rockefeller University Press.
Continue to License to Publish form

  • Regardless of eligibility into a Read & Publish agreement, the author always retains copyright ownership or has the ability to set the copyright owner as their institution when required.
  • The author signs the license for Open Access.
  • The author is sent a $0 invoice after their article is published.
  • Manuscript acceptance date must be from 1/1/2022 - 12/31/2024.