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A guide to essential Miner resources you will need while taking classes at the School of Nursing at the University of Rochester

Miner's Terms and Conditions

The Library enters into licensing agreements in order to provide access to resources. It is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions of use for Miner Library resources - those are detailed in the document above. You can also access the document online here

Please carefully note the following:

"Many publishers monitor the use of their resources and can identify the IP addresses of any computers involved in the misuse of a resource. Misuse of a resource by an individual may jeopardize access to a publisher's entire suite of electronic resources for all University of Rochester users."


PICO Template

For an intervention/therapy: 

In _______(P), what is the effect of _______(I) on ______(O) compared with _______(C) within ________ (T)? 



For etiology: 

Are ____ (P) who have _______ (I) at ___ (Increased/decreased) risk for/of_______ (O) compared with ______ (P) with/without ______ (C) over _____ (T)? 



Diagnosis or diagnostic test: 

Are (is) _________ (I) more accurate in diagnosing ________ (P) compared with ______ (C) for _______ (O)? 




For ________ (P) does the use of ______ (I) reduce the future risk of ________ (O) compared with _________ (C)? 




Does __________ (I) influence ________ (O) in patients who have _______ (P) over ______ (T)? 




How do ________ (P) diagnosed with _______ (I) perceive ______ (O) during _____ (T)? 



Melnyk B., & Fineout-Overholt E. (2010). Evidence-based practice in nursing & healthcare. New York: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.


Welcome to the School of Nursing guide to information resources at Miner Library.  My name is Darcey and I am the librarian here at Miner Library that supports the University of Rochester School of Nursing. This guide contains information about helpful tools and resources, tips for searching the literature, links to ebooks, and more. Miner library has a wide variety of information sources to help you succeed during your time here at the School of Nursing. 

Learn more about connecting and using Miner Library resources offsite. 

If you do not find what you need, please feel free to contact me at

 Services Offered to students

  • Instruction and demonstrations on how to effectively search CINHAL, PubMed, Google Scholar, Cochrane, and other important resources
  • Assistance with library-supported citation managers; Endnote and RefWorks. Learn more here
  • 1-1 sessions to discuss search strategies and techniques
  • To book an appointment with Darcey please use this link:

Want to learn about the library's discovery platform, DiscoverUR? Find helpful explanations, tutorials, and guidance on making the most of your search here

How to Read a Paper

Finding Clinical Answers

Access Medicine

A collection of textbooks and other tools. 

  • DeGowin's Diagnostic Evaulation
  • GoodMan & Gillman's The Pharmacologic Basis of Therapeutics
  • Hurst's The Heart
  • Schwartz' Principles of Surgery
  • Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine
  • Williams Hematology
  • Harrison's.
  • Other books cover: biostatistics, pathology, gross anatomy, physiology, histology, biochemistry, epidemiology, health policy, and more.
  • Differential diagnoses tool: Diagnosaurus


A very large collection of books, journals, and other resources from Elsevier. Includes:

  • Books: Medical and surgical reference books and textbooks
  • Journals: Over 600 journals 
  • Procedures Consults: 
  • First Consul: over 850 point-of-care clinical monographs
  • Drug monographs
  • Patient education materials
  • Clinical Trial information from
  • Practice Guidelines
  • MEDLINE citations
  • Images, medical & surgical videos


Contains articles on conditions and diseases. the articles are peer-reviewed, written by physicians, and often described as a clinical knowledge base. Can be a good resource for background information. Seems to be more feature rich on a desktop or laptop than on a mobile device (including the iPad). 

Visible Body

This interactive anatomy and physiology learning and visualization content includes proprietary models of the human body. The apps include hundreds of animations and scripts and a library of thousands of medical definitions in multiple languages.


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