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Edward G. Miner Library

School of Nursing: Apps and Mobile Resources

A guide to essential Miner resources you will need while taking classes at the School of Nursing at the University of Rochester

UpToDate Lexidrug Installing App

Comprehensive Drug Information

UpToDate Lexidrug       


Lexidrug is URMC's drug database. As a point-of-care resource, users can access evidence-based content quickly via desktop or mobile device.

Lexidrug is a collection of content sets and clinical tools that provides users with robust clinical drug information.

Information includes:

  • INTERACTIONS Analyze a patient’s entire drug and natural product profile, identify potential interactions, and obtain patient management options.
  • DRUG ID - Identify loose or unlabeled medications by searching based on imprint(s), dosage form, color(s), and/or shape. Database includes images of more than 22,000 drug products.
  • CALCULATORS - Access more than 130 medical calculators designed to assist you with drug dosing, conversions, drip rate, organ function and more in both adult and pediatric patients.
  • TRISSEL’S IV COMPATIBILITY -Determine the compatibility and stability of IV drugs in a wide variety of solutions and combinations with this tool that incorporates content from Trissel’s™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database by Lawrence A. Trissel.


App Download Directions

 Lexidrug is a comprehensive clinical drug information provided as part of the University of Rochester's Institutional subscription.

  • Go to Lexidrug and click on the blue button labeled Mobile Access Codes.
  • Select platform: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad or Android.
  • If you already have a Lexidrug personal account or app installed, choose existing customer.
    If you have not created an account, choose new customer.  
  • Now login to your Lexidrug account with the username & password you just created.
  • In the Subscriptions section, Add a Subscription by Code,  type or paste the Lexidrug authorization code.  

                                                      Lexi log-in

  • On your mobile device, go to app store, download UpToDate Lexidrug and login with your Lexidrug login/password.
  • License agreement pops up. Accept.
  • Select Automatic Update preference: WiFi only or Wifi and Data; Tap Next.
  • Select your Library content preference: I will select the content sets to install; or Download ALL content sets for me; Tap Get Started.
  • Select content sets or tap Download ALL.
  • After the update is complete, tap the Menu button in the top right corner and tap Home.
  • Select an icon to begin accessing your Lexidrug Mobile App subscription.


  • Click here for Step-by-Step Guides


Comprehensive clinical support tool accessible through the app on the the web

Register for an UpToDate account on a computer connected to the URMC network or VPN. 

Download the free app from your usual app store and log in with the UpToDate user name and password created during the registration process.

UpToDate requires that you verify your affiliation with URMC or Highland Hospital by logging in to UpToDate from a computer connected to the URMC network at least once every 90 days.  The mobile app will notify you when you need to verify your affiliation.



Browse the most recent issues of a wide array of journals in an electronic format. You can build your own bookshelf of journals you would like to receive updates when new issues come out. 

iPad version provides PDF's which can be saved in a variety of programs such as reference management software, or Notability.

Web Version allows patrons to read articles online from a web browser.

Requires an account to save favorite journals.

Available to University of Rochester students, staff and faculty from Miner Library.

Visible Body Suite


Thumbnail of the Visible Body Suite App

Visible Body Suite replaces the legacy Visible Body apps and includes the interactive, 3D Human Anatomy atlas, Visible Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Muscles Premium, Physiology Animations, eBooks, lab activities, flash cards, and tours. 

Award-winning interactive anatomy and physiology learning and visualization content available as an app. Medically accurate and visually stunning, they include hundreds of animations and scripts and a library of thousands of medical definitions in multiple languages. Available on a desktop or iPad, you will receive the best user experience on the iPad with features like augmented reality, zoom and rotation functions, and note-taking. 

Access the desktop version of Visible Body Suite while connected to the campus network and create an account.

See the Getting Started guide for more information.

Download the Android or iOS version of VB Suite to your phone and tablet and login with your VB Suite credentials:


View the System Requirements for more information. 

Make sure you open your app(s) when you're on campus and logged into your campus' network once every 150 days.


-Visual diagnostic clinical support system.
-Access VisualDx on a computer connected to the URMC network; click on Get Our Free App... and register. You'll receive an email with instructions for downloading the app.


Studies Flashcard App

  • Available on the app store for $4.99
  • Create study notes with multiple sides
  • Study notes can contain text, images, audio and video
  • Includes an option to create learning schedules
  • Share study notes with classmates
  • Can download shared sets of study notes from Quizlet
  • Studies app for iPad and iPhone is free from Apple’s App Store
  • Mac version can be purchased from Apples Mac app Store
  • Find a Step-by-Step Guide here