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Genomics in Research: A Library Guide for Scientists and Scholars

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Miner Library's Guide for genomics includes resources that support research at our the University of Rochester Medical Center & beyond.

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"Genomics is the study of the body’s genes, their functions and their influence on the growth, development and working of the body – using a variety of techniques to look at the body’s DNA and associated compounds.” (NHS England, 2019, Genomics).

Here are some resources to learn more. 

Genetics Home Reference: What is a genome?

NHGRI: A Brief Guide to Genomics

The Jackson Laboratory: Personalized medicine and you: Genetics vs. Genomics

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The Genomics Research Center has customized dozens of pipelines specifically for analyzing genomic sequences in collaboration with the Shared Resources Genomics group. This includes custom front and back-end solutions that automate, audit, and extend these processes while also making them more accessible. The technology is on par with their custom framework Hyperion technology. Researchers can now configure and execute pipelines with any DNA dataset at any point in time, as well as store and recall results, all accessed through enhanced security functionality. This allows for easy access to custom reporting and analytics, and the ability to download them for further analysis.

Visit the Genomics Research Portal to learn more.

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