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Edward G. Miner Library

Evidence Based Dentistry: Quick Access to Evidence

Resources for use in class

Where to find Evidence?

Here are just a few examples of library resources that you can use, many of them at point-of-care with patients. This is by no means a complete list of what's available, but it should get you started.

 ADA EBD site

Clinical Key - Browse Dentistry Guidelines


Essential Evidence Plus
This tool was developed for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. It contains thousands of "Essential Evidence Topics" that include a helpful "Bottom Line" feature that summarizes the main points about a given disease or condition. These topics also integrate content from decision support tools, diagnostic calculators, Cochrane Abstracts, POEMs, evidence-based guidelines, and more.

Cochrane Library
Use the Cochrane Library to access thousands of systematic reviews of healthcare interventions.  

PubMed Clinical Queries
Clinical Queries is a feature that searches PubMed for your specified search terms and then applies specialized search "filters." This is not a comprehensive search of PubMed, but it is a method for quickly identifying evidence-based clinical literature, including systematic reviews.

TRIP Pro (Turning Research into Practice)
TRIP is a clinical search engine that brings together the key evidence-based healthcare resources available on the Internet. Eight major categories are searched by TRIP: Evidence based, guidelines, general peer-reviewed journals, query-answering services, specialist peer-reviewed journals, e-textbooks, medical images and patient information leaflets.

What is a PICO(T) Search

This 8.5 minute video tutorial, created in 2012 for first year medical students at the School of Medicine & Dentistry at URMC, is a short primer on the basic points of formulating clinical questions and searching for evidence to answer those questions.

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