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R Publication Statistics: URMC (Affiliations)

Learn how the Rbibliometrix package can be used to explore the scholarly publishing landscape and make informed decisions to maximize the visibility and influence of your work.

URMC 2021-2022 (All Affiliations)

Overview of Main Information

Below is key data from the bibliometric analysis of the number of documents attached to each affiliation profile. 

Annual Scientific Production

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Journals Most Published In (Top 25)

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Journal Impact by # of Citations (Top 25)

The field tag "TC" refers to "Times Cited." It represents the number of times a particular document has been cited by other works.
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Source Production Over Time

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Word Cloud (Bigrams)

World Cloud (Trigrams)

Completeness of Bibliographic Metadata

Full Bibliometrix Data Report (XLSX)

Collaboration Network