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Skin of Color Resources: Home

Scope and purpose: This guide provides easier access to resources that talk about and show images of patients with skin of color with the ultimate goal of better representation and better treatment.



Clinical decision support tool with images of medical conditions and a differential diagnosis builder

VisualDx is a clinical decision support tool with 45,000 images of medical conditions and a differential diagnosis builder with 3,500 diagnoses. VisualDx is a leading skin of color atlas, and around a third of the images are skin type IV, V, or VI on the Fitzpatrick scale.

VisualDx offers a customized differential builder with guided workup and DDx strength indicator. Input a symptom, medication, or diagnosis in the search box or use the quick start differential builder to build a differential by the most common chief complaints by specialty. The specialties are: Dermatology, Ophthalmology, ENT/Oral Medicine, Cardiac/Pulmonary, Neurology/Psychiatry, Genitourinary, and Gastrointestinal.

Change the sex and age of the patient and filter images by body location, skin type, and stage of disease. Click on a diagnosis to view a quick summary, the full article, or images associated with the diagnosis. Links to UpToDate & PubMed.

Medical students may want to explore LearnDerm, a self-study dermatology education resource that consists of 5 interactive lessons to help build a solid foundation in essential terminology and improve pattern recognition skills. The LearnDerm Tutorial covers the basic skin exam, lesion types, distribution and body location, configurations, and an introduction to disease variation.

VisualDx's Tutorials page to learn more about how to use this powerful resource.

Representation of dark skin images of common dermatologic conditions in educational resources: A cross-sectional analysis. (2020). Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Watch this video to see how to use the skin of color feature.

Searching Datbases

Below are databases that index journals whose content may cover skin of color.

Search Terms

An effective search strategy contains both keywords and subject headings. Databases contain millions of journal articles, and most are indexed with specific subject headings (such as MeSH or Emtree), which can help make your searches more focused. Keywords are still useful, especially when searching highly specific terms or populations that don't have an indexing term. 

Here are a few search terms which may be helpful for you. This list is not comprehensive. 

Skin of color terms Race / ethnicity terms
“Skin of color” 
"Skin of colour" 
Skin tone
"Dark skin"
"Dark skinned"
"Darker skin"
"Black skin"
"Brown skin"
"Fitzpatrick skin phototype"
"Skin pigmentation" 
"Person of color"
"People of color"
"African American"
"African Continental Ancestry Group"
"Asian American"
"Asian Continental Ancestry Group"
"Oceanic Ancestry Group"
"Pacific Islander"
Aboriginal (people or person)



Brown Skin Matters - Reference photos of dermatological conditions on non-white skin.

Mind the Gap - A clinical handbook of signs and symptoms in Black and Brown skin.

Skin Deep - Open-access bank of high-quality photographs of medical conditions in a range of skin tones. Browse skin pictures or search search by description, diagnoses, or body part. You can also view Diagnoses A-Z.

Skin of Color Society Dermatology Resources - Includes a list of Skin of Color textbooks and educational videos.