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Edward G. Miner Library

Graduate Student Guide: Citation Managers

Information and tools for URMC Ph.D. and Master's students

Citation Managers

Miner Library at the University of Rochester Medical Center provides support for Endnote and RefWorks. These citation managers make it easier to organize citations, import from databases, and assist with in-text citations and bibliographies. Which citation manager you choose to use is a personal preference, although a professor may suggest one over the other. Miner Library can help get you started with using citation managers, troubleshooting, and providing one-on-one help with using them to the fullest potential. 

While many databases and bibliographic management programs such as RefWorks and EndNote will automatically create citations for you, it's a best practice to double check your work against the style guide. 

Getting Started with Endnote

Getting Started with Endnote

EndNote is a software program (with a supplemental web-based version) that users must install on their computers. UR River Campus Libraries provides a site license that allows University of Rochester employees (including faculty) and students to download this software on work or personal computers at no charge. Your UR affiliation entitles you to download EndNote on as many computers as you wish - your office, your laptop, etc. - for easy access to your work. Both Mac and Windows versions are available. A UR NetID is required to download the software. Users who are not employees of the University can purchase this software at the UR Tech Store.

Tip:  Always save your EndNote library to your local hard drive. It WILL become corrupt (unusable) over time if you save it to a flash drive, the cloud, or a network drive.

If you're asked for a product key:

  • Navigate to where you downloaded the EndNote program folder
  • Unzip or extract all files from the compressed folder
  • From the extracted files, open the .exe file;  this should continue the installation process of the program on your computer

The first time you open EndNote, you will be prompted to create a new library. Most users will only need one library.

  1. Open the EndNote Program
  2. From the top menu bar, click File > New...
  3. Navigate to the location where you will save your library. Create a folder on the local C drive in a location unaffected by syncing. This is where to save your EN library. Example:
  4. Give your library a name, and then Save.
  5. You are now ready to start adding references

Adding PDFs to Endnote References

There are two ways you can attached PDFs to your Endnote references. Either manually adding the PDF or using the 'Find Full Text' option. 

Manually Attach PDFs

This method is best when you already have the PDF saved to your computer or the reference does not have a DOI. You will have at attach the PDFs one at a time. 

  • Open your Endnote Library
  • Select the reference you would like to attach a PDF to 
  • There are two ways to manually attach a PDF
    1. Select References from the top tool bar and click on File Attachments > Attach File. Then select the PDF you wish to attach to the article you've selected. 
    2. After you have clicked on the reference, in the top right hand corner will be an Attach File button. Click on that and select the PDF you want to attach. 
  • Once you navigate away from that reference you've attached a PDF to, Endnote will prompt you to save the changes you have made. 

Find Full Text

This method will search through the full text PDFs available through the University of Rochester holdings. Endnote then attaches the PDF to the corresponding reference. This can happen in bulk or one at a time depending on your preference. This will only work if you are connected to the internet and the PDF you are trying to attach has an associated DOI (Digital Object Identifier). If the PDF does not have a DOI, you would need to manually add it to the Endnote reference. 

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet
  • For Windows:
    • Go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences
  • For Mac: 
    • Go to the EndNote menu and choose Preferences.
  • Go to the "Find Full Text" option here, and check the resources you want to use

  • OpenURL:

  • Authenticate with URL:
  • You can make your selection if you would like Endnote to automatically attach available PDFs to newly imported references by selecting that option. 
  • Be sure to authenticate and save your changes. 

Endnote for Mac in 7 minutes

Endnote for Windows in 7 minutes

Endnote Library Creation

Endnote Sync

Windows Advanced Features

Mac Expert Features

Endnote for Mac Pages

Getting Started with *New* RefWorks

Miner Library, in partnership with the UR River Campus Libraries and Information Technology Services, provides a University-wide subscription to RefWorks. You can create your account with RefWorks here to get started. Because RefWorks is web-based, it has unique features:

  • Each user creates an individual RefWorks account/personal database to protect data integrity.
  • You can access your personal database from any computer connected to the Internet either on campus or off site.
  • RefWorks is available at no charge for all UR users. You do not need to purchase any software.
  • RefWorks is never out of date. Upgrades are automatic, so you always have access to the most recent version.
  • RefWorks is compatible with both PCs and Macs.
  • The RefShare module allows you to share references with both UR and non-UR collaborators.

The RefWorks group code is RWURochester

RefWorks will be disabling the Legacy platform in June 2023. Your Legacy account will be migrated for you to the *New* RefWorks. There are tutorial videos below to familiarize yourself with the new format. 

Introduction to *New* RefWorks

Accessing RefWorks

RefWorks Basic Functionality

Exporting References to RefWorks

Editing References

Creating References and Adding Documents Within RefWorks

Organizing References with Folders

Writing with RefWorks

Legacy RefWorks in 20 minutes: Full Playlist

Getting Started

Direct Export: CINAHL

Organizing References