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Edward G. Miner Library

Graduate Student Guide: Printing, Photocopying, and Scanning

Information and tools for URMC Ph.D. and Master's students

Printing/Copying/Scanning Options


You can print from one of the library computers, your laptop or your mobile device.

How to print from your laptop

How to print from a mobile device

Print Stations at Miner

Three print stations are available at Miner Library:

  • Computing Center (black & white prints)
  • Lobby Area of the Library (black & white prints)
  • Photocopier located in the Lobby Area of the Library (black & white or color prints)

A public photocopier is located in the Lobby Area of the Library.


We offer two options for scanning.

Public Photocopier

Easily scan a document directly to your email account using our public photocopier. It's simple and fast. Instructions are posted by the copier. You'll receive an email, generally within a minute, with the document attached as a pdf.  This is best for multi-page, double-sided or documents that do not require any editing.

Scanning is free of charge, however the copier requires a copy card to start the process. Ask at the Answer Desk for a card you can use if you don't have one.

Flatbed Scanner located in the Computing Center

This is a good option for low volume scanning that you want to edit. There is also a multimedia workstation setup with the following software:

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional (for creating/editing PDF files)
  • Adobe Photoshop (for editing photos and pictures)
  • Adobe InDesign (desktop publishing)


How to Activate a URos Account and Add Funds

To use your UR ID card for copying/printing, you must first activate a URos account by:

  • Calling the OneCard Customer Service Center at (River Campus ID Office) 585 275-3975.
  • Visiting the OneCard Customer Service Center (River Campus ID Office) located at Susan B. Anthony Hall - Room 114A. 
  • Sending an email to OneCard Customer Service Center (card will be active within 24 hours).

Their office hours are Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Note - you will need to provide your University ID#. The minimum deposit is $20.

SMD Medical Students - Accounts are automatically activated for incoming students and a balance is added each semester. Additional funds may be added by following the instructions below.
Nursing Students - Accounts are automatically activated for incoming students and ready for funds to be added. Follow instructions below to add funds.


Once your URos account is activated, you may add funds to your UR ID card with a credit/debit card online through your Blackboard account.

To add funds:

  • Log in to your Blackboard account
  • Click Services, then Accounts, then select the eAccounts link
  • Click Sign In, enter your NetID and password, then click URos
  • Minimum deposit is $20


You may add funds by calling or visiting the OneCard Customer Service Center (River Campus ID Office).

URos funds may be used for more than copying/printing. University of Rochester- Accepting Locations provides a complete list of both on and off campus locations that accept URos.

How to Pay for Prints & Copies

Print/Copy Charges

Black & White pages - 10¢     Color - 25¢

Charge is per printed page. Double-sided prints are charged as 2 pages.

UR Faculty, Staff & Students

You may use the following methods to pay for copies/prints:

  • University ID with a URos balance
  • Preloaded print/copy card - $5 cards are available for purchase at the Miner Library Answer Desk (cash or check). Preloaded $5 print/copy cards cannot be reloaded. Once the funds on the card are exhausted, you would need to purchase a new card.
  • Department copy card


Using a $5 preloaded print/copy card is the only option available to visitors.

Patients and Patient Families - Additional Printing Options

Please ask the Miner Library Answer Desk staff for other options.

We've Got Answers

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