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Edward G. Miner Library

Orthopaedics: Finding Medical Images

A library guide highlighting orthopaedic surgery & research.

Finding Medical Images 🩻

Elsevier Clinicalkey multimedia collection

Enter your search terms and select "Images, Video & Audio" from the drop-down menu next to the search bar.

VisualDx services and manages the world’s largest collection of digitized visible-light medical images.

Open-i is an open access biomedical image search engine that searches images from PubMed Central articles as well as several special image collections. It allows for substantial search customization via filters (specialties, image type, license type, etc.)


MedPix is an open access online database of medical images, teaching cases, and clinical topics.

The Visible Human Project

The Visible Human Project created publicly available three-dimensional representations of a male and a female human body. These images include cross-sectional cryo-sections, CT, and MRI images.

National Cancer Institute Visuals Online

The National Cancer Institute offers a collection of featured medical images in several collections: science & technology, childhood cancer, Spanish-language images and diagrams, anatomy, historical images, and B-roll videos. The full collection is also searchable.

National Institute of General Medical Sciences

This is a searchable collection of scientific photos, illustrations, and videos.

History of Medicine (R. Plato Schwartz Collection) 📜

The R. Plato Schwartz Collection 
  • This collection include works that pre-date orthopaedics as a discipline. It contains over five hundred items illustrated with woodcuts, engravings, photographs, and x-rays, representing the different technologies available to explicate or treat disease throughout print history to the early part of the 20th century.

Example materials:

  1. Pott, Percivall. Some Few General Remarks on Fractures and Dislocations. By Percivall Pott ... London: Printed for L. Hawes, W. Clarke, and R. Collins ..., 1773. Print.

Why of interest:

- Considered a founder of orthopaedics

- Classic work on fractures and dislocations

- Topic: fractures, dislocations

History of Medicine (R. Plato Schwartz Collection) 📜