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Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Molecular Biology: Biostats Boot Camp

Biostats Boot Camp General Information

Biostats Boot Camp is meant to provide a foundation and/or refresher on basic statistical concepts for students working in the Biomedical Sciences.  The boot camp will cover types of data, data representations (tables and several types of graphs), summary measures of data, measures of data dispersion, and basics of probability.  Each session will be conducted in a computer-equipped classroom to facilitate practical application of these concepts with real data.

NOTE: Each day of this boot camp builds on the previous day.  Please plan to attend all five days of boot camp.

To register for an upcoming session of Biostats Boot Camp, please use the Classes@Miner page.  To indicate interest in Biostats Boot Camp if no session is currently available, please use our Request a Class feature

Biostats Boot Camp Software

JMP Pro Screenshots 

Now available for academic use in Miner Library's Computing Center or purchase a license for use on your own or your laboratory's desktop or laptop computer (see below for details).

From the JMP Website:  "Built with scientists and engineers in mind, JMP Pro statistical analysis software from SAS provides all the superior visual data access and manipulation, interactivity, comprehensive analyses and extensibility that are the hallmarks of JMP, plus a multitude of additional techniques."

Please follow these links for more information about JMP licensing, including discounted pricing through a joint effort of Miner Library and the University IT Tech Store.  For support using JMP, please contact Miner Bioinformatics.

Biostats Boot Camp Reference Text

Biostats Boot Camp Day 1

Biostats Boot Camp Day 5

In lieu of specific exercies for Boot Camp this afternoon, participants are invited to bring their own data to apply what they have learned this week to their analyses.

Biostats Boot Camp Data Examples

These data sets are adapted real-world data (my own or from published papers with references in the files).  We will use these for practical exercises during the Biostats Boot Camp.