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Edward G. Miner Library

Med Students: Phase 1: Medical Humanities: Human Structure & Function

This guide will serve as an information resource for first year medical students at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Edward G. Miner: Rare Books Collection

Art and Anatomy

Interacting with Arts in Medicine: "A site that has gathered a range of images, poems related to the experience in anatomy lab."

Street Anatomy: "Wide range of imagery from representational to the fantastical."

MedinArt: "Extensive coverage of the field of contemporary visual arts in medicine, with particular focus on anatomy."

Training Doctors to Draw  "in 2017, Dr Francois Luks began leading an undergraduate course at Brown University called "Physician as Illustrator". As he told Medscape, "There is no question that illustrations are easier for patients to understand than are long explanations using multisyllabic words"."

Historical Anatomies on the Web

Art Exhibits and Museum Publications


Graphic Medicine Collection


The Reflector

The Reflector

Using materials and methods from the humanities can help students understand anatomy. Created by a medical student and medical school faculty for first year students, The Reflector supports a wide range of learning, from anatomical, to professional, to personal.


PRACTICAL ANATOMY by William H. Wandless


The Spellbinding art of Human Anatomy

How to Draw the Human Heart