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Med Students: Phase 1: Visible Body Suite: Anatomy App

This guide will serve as an information resource for first year medical students at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Visible Body Suite

Visible Body Suite replaces the legacy Visible Body apps and includes the interactive, 3D Human Anatomy atlas, Visible Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Muscles Premium, Physiology Animations, eBooks, lab activities, flash cards, and tours. 

Award-winning interactive anatomy and physiology learning and visualization content available as an app. Medically accurate and visually stunning, they include hundreds of animations and scripts and a library of thousands of medical definitions in multiple languages. Available on a desktop or iPad, you will receive the best user experience on the iPad with features like augmented reality, zoom and rotation functions, and note-taking. 


Getting Started with Visible Body Suite

  • When you are on campus (or are connected to the campus network), go to Visible Body Suite 
  • Create a Visible Body (VB) Suite account
  • See the Getting Started guide for more information



The Web Dashboard

New Menu Walkthrough

Create Animated Flashcards

Download the Mobile App


Thumbnail of the Visible Body Suite AppIf you are on your phone or tablet, download the Android or iOS version of VB Suite and sign in with your VB Suite Credentials:


If you are on your Desktop/Computer:
•    Sign in to Visible Body Suite
•    Select the "Get Mobile App" button.
•    Email yourself the link to your phone or tablet
•    Download the application compatible with your device OS and sign in using your VB Suite credentials

View the system requirements for more information. 

Augmented Reality (AR) Mode

Using AR Lab Activities

Flashcards - Explore Mode

Study Faster with Auto Labeling